Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for May 16, 2018

 Today’s Horoscopes

More revolution in the sky for today’s horoscopes? Yes, Wednesday also has important astral changes. #MARS goes to AQUARIUS. Now the struggles are based on free thinking, egalitarian society and rebellion. We can live the desire for liberation, even if we are free.

The Horoscopes for the day

It is the eruption of feelings that were kept while Mars was in Capricorn. Sublimated needs have room to manifest. How to deal? At the world level, we can have ideological wars. Capitalism against Socialism.

GEMINI Horoscopes

On a personal level, we enter into the defence of the social group we want. Vegetarians against Carnivores. Everyone believes they are in the right society. It is the right time to train empathy, different from sympathy. The communicative #MOON  in GEMINI makes the day hectic and full of opportunities for expansion. Try to end your day until 7 PM GMT.

Signs in a good mood #sagittarius #leo #pisces #virgo #gemini

Be happy on Earth.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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