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Today’s Horoscopes

Tuesday’s horoscopes, agitation in Heaven. #URANUS enters Taurus and the Moon moves on to the new Cycle. It’s NEW #MOON. There are 7 years to work on specific topics. Little happens in 2018. They are small signs, but in 2019 the changes will be accentuated. Get ready for this new marathon. To know how your #SIGN will feel the effects for 7 years, click here and reread the complete article on the subject a 

Let’s talk now about NEW #MOON in TAURUS of this MAY 15th?

We started the sowing that will end on June 12th. This MOON receives support from Pluto and you can dream higher. Project what you want. Meditate. Imagine. Put colour, sound, light and details in your mental projection.

TAURUS Horoscopes

The Horoscopes for Each Sign

Find out what aspect deserves your attention in this monthly cycle.

#ARIES seek the best paths to prosperity. Money is the theme

#TAURUS reinvent your SELF. It is your great moment of change with the Moon and Uranus pushing you for a new trajectory.

#GEMINI reaffirm your good memories and use your akashic records

#CANCER select Friends, expand your networking, make new contacts

#LEO plant seeds in the career, in the new professional life, reinvent yourself.

#VIRGO imagine that there are windows on the Planet. Open the good ones. Study travel

#LIBRA seek sexual partnership and do not be afraid to make good use of power

#SCORPIO approach the good partners and collaborators

#SAGITTARIUS reorganize your life, diet, daily life, schedules and work.

#CAPRICORN expand your creative activities, have fun on the Planet, make Art

#AQUARIUS Reform, paint, clean your house. Your Home is the setting of relationships.

#PISCES speak in a renewed way with people, study effective communication.



Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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