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The horoscopes where Mercury goes to TAURUS! By May 30th, we changed the way we look at money. We become more materialistic and want to earn more.


How the Horoscopes Day Unwinds

TAURUS Horoscopes

The difference is that our mind can see where the money is. Plans to get to it are simpler and more practical. Some thoughts may be inflexible. We can see the financial issue, but we can not change the thinking on other subjects.

We have 17 days to rethink our values. Great opportunity to understand that every mind is a Universe, strange as it may seem. #Moon also goes to TAURUS at dusk. It is not a simple Sunday in heaven and on Earth. Between 3 PM GMT and 8 PM GMT, feelings boil and Uranus rattles the scene. There is an increase in violence.


SIGNS in a good mood today #PISCES #LIBRA # SAGITTARIUS # LEO


Wait for May 16th to make changes in life. We will open a new cycle of 7 years.


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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