Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for June 13, 2018

Today’s Horoscopes

Today’s horoscopes begin a lunar cycle. It´s time to sow.  Neptune creates some mental confusion during the day. This feeling disappears at dusk. The fire element gives support to your projects by July, 10th. Your biggest challenge is to work with commitment.

The Day Unfolds

Leo Horoscopes

The Leo leadership is welcome and slightly increases the movement of money. In a month with little money circulating on the Planet, you have Venus as a great ally.

Lead, work hard and set new goals. In love life, avoid dictatorial attitudes. Enjoy the benefits of #KIRON and heal relationships at nightfall.

Talk to business partners, establish new links. If necessary, return to the past and clarify an interrupted relationship. Learn how your SIGN feels the NEW MOON in GEMINI:

#ARIES careful reflection on new themes a time of wait

#TAURUS opportunities at work,  search for better income

#GEMINI search for new activities and better places to act

#CANCER time to digest the past themes to evolve.   

#LEO changes in social groups, a search for new knowledge

#VIRGO search for a better job with better income

#LIBRA time to establish your beliefs,  accept the differences

#SCORPIO  organization of the head and heart, think and feel

#SAGITTARIUS marriage and partnerships are transformed

#CAPRICORN routine reorganization for better time management

#AQUARIUS reflection on how much fun you have on Earth. Love is an important theme.

#PISCES   Home and family are subject to evaluation


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

The Monthly Recap

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