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Horoscopes for July 4, 2018

The horoscopes start with the slow day. The MOON in PISCES, starting at 1 PM GMT, has complicated encounters in the sky. The first is with Venus in Leo. Difficulty in harmonizing Leo’s fire with Pisces’ water.

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Leo Horoscopes

One burns in excess, and the other slow in with caution. At 11:00 PM GMT, the Moon has its last breath in Pisces. The famous 29 Degrees. The last drop of sentimentality in the Cycle.

At the same time, Kiron becomes retrograde. With #Kiron retrograde, until early December, you may get caught up in a theme. Fear of failure. Fear of being on the wrong track. To break this stagnation, you must remember that 2018 is a year of beginnings. If you are unemployed until December, you will surely have missed the opportunity of the Year 7’s Cycle

It’s better to be brave and adapt during the trajectory. What is out of place you settle in the right moment. Embrace opportunities every day. Learn to LISTEN. Much information comes through people passing by.

We need to LISTEN! The Universe speaks! The Universe gives the signs. Reconnect through silence and become a good listener. Many things will come to you without so much struggle. Already in silence today? All SIGNS scared of success.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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