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Horoscopes for MONDAY, 02nd, overflowing with emotions. The FULL MOON in Pisces, after 3 PM GMT, puts the feelings first. We are only emotion.


Horoscopes for the Week Ahead

Leo Horoscopes

Mercury tries to bring us to reality, but the magnetism of that Moon is greater. Whoever is more sensitive, feels melancholy. Whoever is more resistant to affections feels uncomfortable. When we try to express what we feel, Saturn places its restraint and blocks communication.

We get our truths. How can we deal? Every repressed emotion will echo one day. It is best to seek, after 9:00 pm, artistic activities such as drawing, painting, modeling, and music. The art gives way so that the dam does not break.

As the Moon stays in Pisces until the last hour of the 4th, better include art every day. Clear communication is the challenge of the week. Knowing this, watch your words and tone of voice. People will be more sensitive. SIGNS in a good mood today #taurus #cancer #scorpio #aries #sagittarius #leo

TUESDAY, 03rd, avoid big commitments after 10 PM GMT.

WEDNESDAY, 04th, avoid sealing partnerships between 1 PM and 5 PM GMT.

THURSDAY, 05th, a day complicated by disputes over bad communication and impulsivity. Take it easy! Avoid lectures, classes, and meetings.

FRIDAY, 06th, Waxing Crescent Moon in Aries, a good day at 4 PM GMT.

SATURDAY, 07th, best moments after 9 PM GMT.

SUNDAY, 08th, best moments after 4 PM GMT.

LOVE has a good time this week. The Full Moon collaborates with the libido and Venus walks unopposed. On Thursday the themes are heavier. Intimacy, sex life, and companionship are questioned. If the conversation is good, there is an improvement for the couple. The #SINGLES must take advantage of the Moon in Aries, this same Thursday, to invest in a flirtation. Just have the patience to talk about intimacy that everything will go well.


ALERT of violence for the Planet on the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th of July.


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE


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