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Today’s Horoscopes

A day with strong emotions. The NEW MOON in Leo brings courage. This energy comes to us after 3 PM GMT. Everything goes well until 6 PM GMT. After this time, Uranus enters the scene.   

The horoscopes and the Day

They are opposing forces. Uranus in the Earth Element acts in a perspicacious and tenacious way. The moon in the Fire Element uses boldness. This duality increases at 10 PM GMT when Saturn holds back any kind of audacity. So, enjoy the 3 magic hours between 3 PM GMT and 6 PM GMT and make it happen. New Moon is time to plant the new seeds of the Lunar Cycle. Avoid stagnation and act. SIGNS in a good mood today #pisces #virgo #capricorn #aries #sagittarius #leo #libra #gemini

LOVE passes through moments of seriousness and commitment. Couples seek to establish the relationship and it is a great weekend to propose marriage. Between Midnight on Friday and 5 AM GMT on Saturday, Venus and Saturn work in harmony. There is no room for quick romances. People want something serious. #SINGLES looking for a partner can harness the power of New Moon. Singles who just want adventure can end up alone this weekend. Until 9:00 PM GMT Sunday, everything goes well for the hearts. After that, disagreements and increased aggressiveness. Have fun!



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