Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for August 9, 2018


Today’s Horoscopes

Today’s horoscopes Sun and Mercury in Leo nourish the Earth with vital energy. Venus is under pressure. Uranus wants freedom. The Moon in CANCER wants comfort and affection.  

The horoscopes for the day

CANCER Horoscopes

It’s an astral dilemma! Hearing the screams of Uranus or the murmuring of the Moon? It is best to hold on to the strength of the Sun and move on. One of the greatest dilemmas on Earth is the permanent desire to eliminate evil.

We don´t need to eliminate evil. Instead, we must act for the good. Evil has always existed and is the unmanifested Divine. Leave it in its corner. If it comes to you, look at it as the latent Divine. The Divine is there. Will it manifest itself one day? Perhaps. In doubt, follow your journey in kindness.

The tip of the day is to cling to the Sun and stay confident. Some will be left behind, bargaining with evil. Continue your walk. Check your schedule for the 3 tense moments of the day: 2 PM GMT, 11:30 PM GMT and 3 AM of the 10th. It is not an easy day for business or love. SIGNS in a good mood today #Scorpio #Cancer #Aries #Sagittarius #Leo  Be happy on Earth


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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