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Today’s Horoscopes

Today’s horoscopes for MONDAY, 06th, WANING MOON in Gemini drains energy at dawn. Many doubts dominate the mind. Saturn and the Moon Node create, with the Moon, the feeling of stagnation. Wait! After 2 PM GMT, normal life. Accelerated rhythm and desire to interact with others. Business gets a boost, but it recedes in a few minutes.

The profit margin is limited. After Midnight, again the feeling of one step forward and two back. Do not get upset about it. Finish your day with the good influences of Venus in Libra. The most comfortable place for Venus to stay.

A hint of busy trade for the upcoming New Moon, August 11th. Until then, review the results. Analyze and audit all the actions of the Lunar Cycle. Organize drawers, clean cabinets, clean up until August 10thAn excellent week to see weight loss. Good time to apply for a loan and renegotiate lower interest debt. Signs in a good mood today #CANCER #SCORPIO #ARIES

GEMINI Horoscopes

The horoscopes for the day


TUESDAY, 07th, busy day with good times after 1 PM GMT.

WEDNESDAY, 08th, best moments after 3 PM GMT.

THURSDAY, 09th, good times between 3 PM GMT and 9 PM GMT. Severe limitations after Midnight. Asian markets may fall.

FRIDAY, 10th, dangerous day for #INVESTMENTS At dawn, excess energy generates impetuosity. Confusing communication after 4:30 PM GMT.

SATURDAY, 11th, NEW MOON. ECLIPSE at 9h59 AM GMT in Leo. We will bring a special post on each SIGN and the ECLIPSE.

SUNDAY 12th, a good day with New Moon in Virgo.

LOVE lives in unusual situations. Venus in Libra should collaborate with the heart during the week. It is not what happens. There is stagnation between couples. It is difficult for people to start a relationship, at least until August 10th.

The week has the mark of the past. Old romances return to the scene. It’s preparation for the Eclipse on Saturday. Eclipse brings the right energies and puts the past into the past. In some cases, the past becomes present.

This energy reviews feelings and brings instability to peers during the week. The ancients say that when the head does not think, the body suffers. Be wise with your heart!

ALERT of violence for the Planet on 07th, 10th, and 12th August.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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