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Today’s Horoscopes

Today horoscope the last ECLIPSE of the year 2018 occurs today, at 9:59 AM GMT. New Moon in Leo. A phase for the planting of ideas, projects, and changes in life. Everything started this week has a special strength. The Fifth Eclipse of the year brings you the opportunity to do things your way.

Linked to Jupiter, it shows that your desire will have direct influence over the next 6 months. Until February 2019 you will put your beliefs into action. Your truths will impose themselves before the current system. Act with Wisdom. Learn how your #SIGN will feel the SOLAR ECLIPSE:


The horoscopes for the day

Leo Horoscopes

ARIES a baby, a romance or that much-desired creative solution

TAURUS new relationships with your family and Home. New feelings among relatives

GEMINI new thoughts and codes will guide your mind and speech

CANCER a new job, a new way to earn money and good administration

LEO courage to change your life, the Self. Authenticity is your keyword.

VIRGO contact with the Spiritual world, your past, and solution of Karma.

LIBRA a new group of friends or a new institution for you to participate in;

SCORPIO professional life with opportunities and promotion;

SAGITTARIUS a new study, a journey or the encounter of Faith;

CAPRICORN choosing the themes that are possible to control and abandon others;

AQUARIUS a new partnership, a marriage or a good contract;

PISCES new habits, new work, and rethinking the diet. Everyday life is reformulated.


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