Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for April 4, 2018

Today’s Horoscopes

The horoscopes at dawn bring #Moon in Sagittarius. The week will pick up the pace from now on. The influence of Saturn and Mars diminishes and we have greater control over the actions on Earth.

Daily Horoscopes

Aries Horoscopes

Up to 6 PM GMT, Venus in TAURUS and the Moon cannot make a good agreement until 6 PM GMT. Get ready to act after 6 PM GMT. From now on, you have 8 hours of Glory. Mercury and Moon come into tune until midnight and the doors open, other countries accept your proposals and business happens. With greater astral receptivity, you make less effort. For personal matters, tread cautiously. In business, you can be a pit bull, but in the affections walk like a Chihuahua. Only on the Saturday is there astral support for the things of the heart. Signs in a good mood today #GEMINI #AQUARIUS #VIRGO #SAGITTARIUS  and #CANCER


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Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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