Style Cartel Horoscopes for April 16, 2018 & The Week Ahead

Today’s Horoscopes

MONDAY horoscopes, A good day with NEW MOON in TAURUS. Venus and Mercury lead us to plant our seeds in new places. How nice! We accept change and a new way of thinking.


The Week  Horoscopes

We continue with this feeling all day. It is great for investing, studying, planning and strategizing. It’s the day to go to the front! At dusk, Jupiter raises doubts about our ties.

We may doubt the effectiveness of commercial relations or doubt our ability to be accepted. Control this moment because it is self-sabotage. This moment has courage, dynamism and perseverance. You already have the NO. Now it’s time to get the YES! Good luck! All SIGNS search for something new or adapt the old to work.

TUESDAY, time to change #investments or how you make money.

WEDNESDAY, Moon in Gemini and amazing opportunities for personal life. A new SELF can be born. Technology in transformation and innovation.

THURSDAY, a day full of dangers to the Planet and increased aggressiveness. Maintain a more reserved posture.

FRIDAY, productive day until 11 PM GMT.

SATURDAY, a good day until 8 PM GMT.

SUNDAY, with a return of themes from the past.

LOVE goes through turbulence earlier in the week. On Wednesday, with unpredictable astral, #SINGLES can benefit. A love that begins with this astral brings a person different from the ones you have known. Might be a good start. A change of the heart. It is a week with surprises and news in the effective field. If you have a love of the past, try to resolve the issue until the Saturday.

#REPORT of violence for the Planet on 16th, 17th, 19th,21,23 and 24th of April.


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Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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