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Today’s Horoscopes

Horoscopes with #LOVE at the end of the.  Friday with some exaggerations at dawn. Jupiter, Pluto and WANING #MOON in PISCES act with force on the water element.


We are emotional and our judgment goes through the emotional filter. Only when sifting, we get the part that interests us. This small portion that has passed through the sieve grows before our eyes. It’s Noon and we’re on the court of emotions, acting on our own causes.

Follow the last degrees of the Moon in Pisces with caution. We have had two challenging weeks on Earth and we are two days back from Mercury’s movement. Now that you have endured all kinds of mismatch, go on. Do not get lost in the final stretch.

The sunset still has a selfish profile and everyone wants to know about you, your money, your recognition. As in the silence of the Planets, everything works well, Kiron arrives at dusk and brings healing to the mistakes, deceptions and feelings that have been repressed. This is the time to forgive yourself. After the 15th, you ask forgiveness of the other.

Now, just do the internal audit. Our Universe is wonderful! It brings, on a Friday, the 13th, the opportunity to review beliefs with Waning Moon in Pisces and Kiron in Pisces at 29 degrees. Go home after Midnight and start thinking what you plan to plant on the 15th. All Signs physically present on the Planet, but the mind …
Countdown to Mercury in direct motion: 2 days.

#LOVE has a good time. In the early hours of Saturday, you feel the energy of the Moon in Aries. Element fire kindling the loves. Venus in a good position collaborates and everyone lives in animated moments. In the early hours of Sunday, beyond this animated and impulsive Moon, Mercury returns to its movement. It is a weekend with romance, the sensuality of Venus in Taurus, spirit for #SINGLES and good conversation between the pairs. Impossible to be better! Be happy on Earth


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Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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