Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for February 26, 2018

Today’s Horoscopes

#MONDAY horoscopes on the 26th, a lively week begins. Pluto and Venus begin a connection that will have its climax tomorrow, but we have already felt an exalted rhythm. Still, with much feeling involved by the Moon in Cancer, we managed to make proposals for the changes to begin. It is the New Moon plan that has not yet got off the paper.

Finally, it takes shape and we commit to various issues. Some begin the diet, others kick the cigarette out. Some begin to study for real, while others look for contact with someone important to networking. It is a transformation of relationships.

We want something different and realize, with some delay in the lunar cycle, that we have to act to make it different. In the morning, all this happens with a certain aggressiveness. The best comes between 3 PM GMT and 7 PM GMT, when Jupiter collaborates with true action. Good work to all SIGNS in their individual reformulations.


Daily Horoscopes

#TUESDAY, 27th, Moon in Leo and good times until 1:30PM gmt. Confrontation between reason and emotion at 5PM gmtwith market stagnation. Warm evening.


#WEDNESDAY, 28th, aggressive dawn with better moments after 4PM gmt. Return of useless discussions after 9PM gmt.


#THURSDAY, 01st, FULL #Moon in Virgo. Perfect day for successful business, investment, sales and contract signing.


#FRIDAY, 02nd, excellent day until 8PM gmt. Communication facilitated from an early age.


# SATURDAY, 03rd, personal limitations after 8PM gmt.

#SUNDAY, 04th, Moon in Libra with demands on personal positioning and truths on the table at dusk.


LOVE is an excellent time. Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and FULL MOON create a scenario of deepening the relationship. Couples will sign their vows, they will live sensuality to their full potential. #SINGLES earn from the astral all help to find a pair. Every day love is benefited, so take the time to expose yourself a little. Good luck!!


#ALERT of violence for the Planet on 26th, 28th of  Feb and 02nd, 04th of March.





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