Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for February 11, 2018

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The horoscopes mess ends here on Earth, just at dawn. The Waning #Moon in Capricorn freezes the animation. It approaches Saturn and takes a shower of reality.

Daily Horoscopes

Venus in Pisces makes your walk solitary. Love can happen, but now Venus is in Pisces. To live under the influence of Venus in Pisces, until March 6th, is to seek an idealized love.

It can be fun to live this new escapist format because it relieves the weight of the routine. We give up control. We do not control people. We do not want to be controlled, we are not jealous and there is less attachment.

We are more benevolent to strangers and we seek Spirituality with great interest. It is a subtle energy that touches us. It sounds like a shallow phase, but make no mistake about it. Business can be done delicately and move a higher amount than the conquered in aggressive phases. All Signs feel the nearness of Solar #Eclipse in Aquarius, on February 15th. A moment with a twist in the game, inversion of forces and surprises worldwide.

Physical and spiritual weakness, but a unique opportunity to transmute themes important to you and the social group.



Be happy on Earth.




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