Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for December 7,  2017

Today’s Horoscopes

Today the horoscopes say it’s a super day!  Full Moon in Leo, Venus and Sun give joy and shine to exist on Earth. We feel happy for the opportunity.

Daily Horoscopes

We feel that we have been “chosen”. From 10 AM GMT, the blessings come to us. How delightful to be on Earth. How delightful to be making History.

How delightful to participate in Evolution! After Midnight, Saturn asks if we have done all our duty of the day. We are so happy that we do everything quickly, only to continue in this effusive mood. Day of increased faith, increased body weight, increased blood pressure, increased business and sales and increased expenses. Increased libido. All signs shining.

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Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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