Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for December 6,  2017

Today’s Horoscopes

The horoscopes call for internal resistance to changes at dawn. Mercury and Saturn are linked between 9 AM GMT and 4 PM GMT. We can feel the words stuck. We feel inflexibility.

Daily Horoscopes


It is difficult to change your mind during this period. At 2 pm GMT, Mars provides a business conversation and the achievement of a customer through boldness. Be persuasive because there is a result. After 5 PM GMT, we return to the routine.


We move money, talk and communicate. The trade is active. And a good day! 7 PM GMT the astral changes and improves.


The FULL #Moon in Leo brings fire and we want more action. Let’s shake it until 7 AM GMT. Those who enjoy studying at dawn get good results. #SINGLES are looking for a partnership.


Here begins the increase in libido that follows until the early hours of Saturday. Let there be breath! All Signs of intense activity. High blood pressure, increased fluid retention and body weight.


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