Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes for December 3,  2017

Today’s Horoscopes


The horoscopes call for Delays, mismatches, and loss of information. Check everything several times to make sure there is no mistake. Be flexible and accept a change of plans.


Daily Horoscopes

A complex day with Sun, Jupiter, Moon, and Neptune in action. The mistakes are many and grow in proportion. Nothing can be simple or small. The agitated Moon in Gemini speaks volumes but is lost in small details. There is no strong basis for breaking the cycle of mismatches. How to deal?

Avoid too many commitments. If you make an appointment, just make one.

If you can stick to it, you have succeeded.

Tense dusk after 11 PM GMT with Moon and Pluto in disaffection. Do not cause breakups because the scenery is not as simple as it sounds. All Signs should moderate actions


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