Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes August 3rd,2017

Astrological Footprint August 3rd

The horoscopes slow dawn with the action of Saturn on the #MOON in Sagittarius. After 1PM GMT, normal life. Uranus is already in retrograde motion until  JANUARY 02nd, 2018. What do you mean??

Horoscopes August 3rd,2017

Until January? Yes. But calm down. These are months of transformation. Uranus calls us to embrace reality. It breaks what is necessary and changes what no longer works. This involves society, marriage, employment, housing, friends and beliefs. Everything that is INADEQUATE will be taken by Uranus until January, 2018. Is it a good moment? Yes, for the strong. Not so much for those who have leaned against a wall. If you understand that life on Earth is fun because of the daily surprises, marvel! If you like your wall and it’s clinging to it, even while it crumbles, you may think Uranus was mean to you. How to face this period?

– Accept the impermanence of the BEING on Earth. Nothing is yours, not even your body. It will be returned to Earth at the exit.

– Be thankful when a situation shows itself as it really is. Better to know the truth than to work years on a lie.

– Think about the new opportunities you have when you change positions. Looking at a landscape from a higher point is better than at the foot of the mountain.

– Goods, cars, smartphones, computers come and go. They are substitutable in some way. You were not born with them, so they are replaceable.

– Understand that you are on Earth in Evolution. Evolution occurs slowly or in great leaps. It depends on your merit and preparation. BEING GRATEFUL for EVERYTHING is the first step in changing your way of thinking.

Start by thanking the air you breathe, the life you have received, the body you have, the bed, the sheet, the refrigerator, the TV and thank for being in 2017. There is anesthesia !! There is antibiotics! There is microwave! You’ve lived through more complicated times, be assured. Thank the opportunity to have returned to Earth and enjoy every second. The greatest repentance of souls is the LOST time on Earth.


Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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