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Today’s Horoscopes

Today’s Horoscopes for August,31st,2018 and the WEEKEND´S #LOVE horoscopes. Sun and Moon act positively until 3:30 PM GMT. After that, get ready for breakups and some mismatch. Venus in Libra and Sun in Virgo provoke tension in the astral. A certain implication with the habits of others.

How the Day Unfolds

Virgo Horoscopes

An irritation with the routine we have to keep. Societies and partnerships are vulnerable to this oscillating mood. The Disseminating #Moon in Taurus amplifies this tense scenario at dusk. Be ready to deal with the themes: money, profits, and losses.

It’s a tense day in #financial markets. Use your Wisdom, access your #akashic memory. Some BEING in this Universe has already solved situations that are equal or more complex than you. Access this memory by meditating or by being silent. All  SIGNS are tired of the routine. LOVE at the end of the week is very varied.

#SINGLES can start a romance on this Moon. Just note that dating that begins until the evening of September 2nd are marked by personal desires. One will always impose what they want. The other will always give in. Is it nice to live like this?

The couples communicate very well on the evening of Friday, 31st. On Saturday, libido is on the rise. A lot of kissing. Sunday, after 11 PM GMT, men and women are in opposite fields. If it doesn’t flow, do not insist.

Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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