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Today horoscopes with a BALSAMIC MOON in Leo, Eclipse’s eve, with Dark Moon. It is the MOON of RELEASE. A passive moon, receptive to the transformations of the Cosmos. Excellent opportunity to close a theme. To end, to let go, to leave, to finish. It’s the eve of the Eclipse.


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Leo Horoscopes

Opportunity for transformation, without suffering. Some theme has lost all the strength in our life. It has to die, to be buried. Today is a “warm-up” for the Eclipse to be beneficial. Don’t imagine complicated scenarios. It is much simpler than we would like. It is a daily theme that will be transformed.

It has been chewed for the last 6 months, simply swallow or spit. There is nothing to fantasize about. There is no way to make it a myth. Today is quieter than we expected. A calm that frightens after a complicated week. Embrace the easy, the simple, the possible. That’s where you act, in the possibility! #BUSINESS with the best moment after the 11th. All SIGNS feel reflective. Be happy on Earth

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