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Horoscopes with WAXING #MOON IN LIBRA.  Friday starts with men and women on opposite sides. Around 1 PM GMT, the differences between the male and female are evident.

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Libra Horoscopes

It is the time of the Moon in Libra to take action and mediate conflicts. The day calls for courage to take responsibility. The LUNAR NODE receives support from Mercury in Aries. Courage to say a new idea, courage to request something or make a different proposal.

Literally, the astral asks to get out of the closet. Do it! At 6 PM GMT, show why you came to Earth. Slow business between 6 PM and 8 PM GMT. Calm dusk after 10 PM GMT. Signs in a good mood today #Pisces, #Scorpio, #Sagittarius, #Virgo and  #Gemini.



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