DECEMBER 11th, 2017 and The Weekly Foresight by #ClaudiaVannini

#MONDAY – Waning

#Moon in LIBRA.

The week starts balanced. Saturn and Mercury put everything in the right place until 2 pm GMT. It’s time to organize life, career, and relationships. Dialogue and diplomacy on the rise. Illusions and fantasies after Midnight. No project should be started in this Lunar phase. The tone of the week is of commemoration. There is much more climate to celebrate something until the 17th than in the weeks of Christmas and New Year. An accumulation of Planets in Sagittarius brings euphoria, hope, and feeling of unity. High gains in speculation and hectic trade. Everything is packed, but it seems everyone is so excited that they barely realize that they lack space. Celebrate with your friends and strengthen your networking. On New Moon, on the 18th, you plant your ideas again. Accelerated weight loss week. Watch the diet. Signs in a good mood today #cancer #scorpio #virgo #capricorn #gemini #aquarius #sagittarius #aries #leo


 Lively to 2 pm GMT, disagreements between 2 pm and 4 pm GMT. Return of the good mood after 7 pm GMT.


Good times until 3 pm GMT. Business is good. Earnings made easy. After that, a mood of animosity and increased violence.


Demands at dawn. 11 AM GMT is the time to account for effects and international relations. Enhanced Illusions.


Surprises between 11 am and 4 pm GMT.


Very lively day. Busy trade. Perfect for parties.


Perfect for parties and celebrations. Many Planets in Sagittarius create a relaxed atmosphere. Super busy day for trade.

Love lives a return to the past until Wednesday. Old loves reappear. You decide how to deal with them. It is not a good phase to re-establish a relationship. The waning moon calls for a definitive shutdown. Thursday and Friday are perfect to love with Moon and Mars in Scorpio. Saturday and Sunday also collaborate with passionate hearts. Singles are in a phase of conquest and the Moon in Sagittarius, in these two days, collaborates and gives courage. The new love is seen as an achievement, an adventure, something challenging that must be overcome. Have a good time!

#ALERT of violence by the Planet on December 13th and 14th.

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