Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini – SEPTEMBER,23rd,2017

The Sun in Libra lights the Saturday! If you want to talk or sign a contract, do it today. Be sure not to leave for Monday. Today is a good day to receive the support of Saturn. The Moon in Scorpio deepens its themes. All relationships are serious, dense and dealing with taboos is a specialty of this Moon. Let’s use here the golden rule for the Moon in Scorpio: never look into the abyss.

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Today, 6PM gmt, Neptune in Pisces is debating the strength of this deep moon in the water element. They are the illusions and lies we tell ourselves. Kick the melancholy aside and embrace the Sun in Libra. The price is high for anyone who gets stagnant. At Midnight, Pluto and Moon connect. If you are exhausted by an active day, you will not even feel it. If you have chosen to think too much, you will get into a strange vibration. Better if you’re exhausted!

All SIGNS must observe their thoughts.

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