Horoscope | Astrological Footprint – November 10th,2017

Astrological Footprint – November 10th,2017

Active Friday with Moon in Leo. In its Waning phase, the Moon collects all the results of the Lunar Cycle. Moment of evaluation and analysis of the facts. Sun and Pluto connect well and transform situations. Political scandals and radical changes of direction are common. Nothing is so surprising because they are expected changes. The sun only illuminates what has already been transformed. Until 7:30 PM gmt, there is energy for all actions on Earth. After this time, there is an increase in authoritarianism. If you can, stop your activities and do not bargain anything else. As Saturday may surprise in politics and in all sectors of the economy, avoid leaving resolutions for Monday. End your Friday with your organized position.

If the weekend comes with twists, you’ll sleep peacefully.

The 10th starts the best moment for weight loss.

Signs in a good mood today #Sagittarius #virgo #aquarius #libra #gemini 

LOVE lives the depths of the sun’s passions in Scorpio.

FRIDAY is still for the heart in love. Men and women do not understand each other until sundown. Demands and jealousy are in evidence. Be flexible and respond to your love: Your Lunar Node is pressed!

Saturday is good for the heart. SUNDAY is great to love and the harmony is complete after 10PM gmt. If you have to make an appointment, and the theme is LOVE, mark it for November 13th, Monday. Venus and Jupiter will be together in Scorpio and will bring positivity to the relationship.

The chance to win a YES from your pair is higher! Have fun and control jealousy.

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