Horoscope | Astrological Footprint – November,28th,2017


Astrological Footprint – November,28th,2017

Slow Tuesday between 9AM gmt and 11AM gmt. Best moments come after 2PM gmt. The Crescent Moon in Aries facilitates the signing of a contract or agreement. Mercury is joined to Saturn and what is thought has a real basis. Use this day to design your plans. The Moon contributes to the growth of everything. Invest in #publicity, advertise your product and make contact with partners and clients. In studies there are also benefits. Boost your #communication. Write emails, send invitations, and post your ads. On the 03rd, Mercury will be retrograde and communication will suffer damage. Knowing this, anticipate! At midnight, couples set fire to Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries. Libido on the rise! The stage is for fattening and retention of liquids, so keeo and eye on the diet! All Signs in a good mood.
Be happy on Earth NAMASTE_/\_ 

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