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As the world wakes up to the harsh realities of environmental change, the fashion industry is finding creative new ways to minimize their carbon footprint. Hong Kong based NGO Redress has launched a sustainable fashion design competition for emerging talent to reduce waste in fashion. The Eco Chic Design Awards gives designers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, UK, France, Belgium and Germany a chance at success by mentoring them on how to “go green” in fashion.

Designers are challenged to use the sustainable design techniques such as zero-waste, up cycling and reconstruction. To support their understanding of these theories and techniques, Redress will present educational online materials, articles, workshops and seminars. Now underway in select cities is the Redress lecture series, which for many of the emerging designers attending, particularly in Mainland China, is their first introduction to sustainable fashion design.

Hip and Ecochic Design Award Competition 2013


‘Sustainability in the fashion industry is an over-discussed but under-auctioned issue. Not enough focus is being put on reducing waste. We must crack the industry’s problem of excessive waste production and lost economic value’ – Christina Dean, CEO and Founder, Redress.

Hip and Ecochic Design Award Competition 2013


The winner will receive a contract with Esprit to design a collection of sustainable fashion for their global retail. All semi-finalists and finalists get a career-boosting educational package, including a combination of mentorships and promotional opportunities.

If you’re eligible to apply, learn more about how The Eco Chic Design Award here. Entries will be accepted until August 15 2013.


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