Honest Burgers the Best Burgers in Brixton for Cheat Night

by Charlotte Smith

Honest Burgers Best Burgers in Brixton

It will be almost a year since I gave up eating meat. I have to admit that I have succumbed to cheat days. On one cheat date night, we ventured to Brixton to try Honest Burgers.  Growing up in New York makes me a connoisseur of the best burgers.

Honest Burgers Burger & Fries


Now for not eating meat for a couple of months, I was craving a burger. I really do not have meat craving anymore, but sometimes I want a tasty burger and Honest Burger hit the spot that night.  Plus I love good onion rings and this burger joint pleased both my cravings for comfort food.

Honest Burgers Menu

We went for it all beef, onion rings, drinks, beer, fries and cheese. We were intoxicated by the HB taste and delicacies. I wanted to taste it all on my cheat day. We started with the house beers and the house drinks.

To kick off the evening I started with the Kentucky TEA made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Honest Iced tea and a splash of Lemon. Nejilka, is more of a beer girl and went for the house special and sipped on a Canopy Beer Co special.  Good choices because by the time our food came we were buzzing, just like the locals sitting next to us.



It also helped that a DJ was playing in the Brixton Village.  It was like a food party. With a lively staff to give you suggestions on what to order and an atmosphere that was laid back and groovy.  Where you can enjoy locally sourced food and drinks.

Honest Burgers Burger & Fries

Then the food came and our burgers were cooked to perfection. We chose the Honest and Tribute burgers.  I just asked for no pork on mine. Juicy and fat with the cheese and onions spilling over the buns. Yummy!

The Rosemary Salted Chips complemented the burgers like a nice handbag. When ordering do not forget one of the four sauces that are hot and spicy or sweet and tang.  After all, it was cheat day, so choose what you fancy.

honest burgers

The locations are family friendly and date cosy.  You can spend hours in these intimate locations and have a few laughs and giggles over burgers.  Laurence and the team at Honest Burgers Brixton made us feel like family and made sure we ate well. 


” A little history of Honest Burgers ”

Honest Burgers originated in Brixton, London.  Tom and Phil are the originators. They weren’t chefs or professional cooks. They just loved cooking and making burgers. This is what makes Honest Burgers so extraordinary. You never get to hear or be inspired by these stories. Young Entrepreneurs. As they cooked burgers, they kept learning. Their first paid job was at a family friends birthday party in a tent, in Somerset. They wanted the best beef to make the best beef burgers and have successfully achieved so in the last seven years.  Let’s talk about their beef. In times when Tom and Phil opened up their first restaurant in Brixton Village, they have looked, tried all the butchers and sometimes some butchers would even send them their way. But they never gave up. They finally met a butcher named Tim and he would cycle 8 miles a day to bring them meat. And then came fate, they opened up their own butchery to make these juicy tasting beef they’ve always dreamed of (and me too). Their beef comes from a small farm in Scottish Highlands. The cows live outside and they eat grass. They have made their burgers from chuck and rib-cap which is juicier chunkier meats!  The burgers are made as the order is placed. It is not frozen nor even seasoned. The chef seasons it with salt and pepper while it’s cooking, if you look closely you can even hear it sizzle.  Personally one of the juiciest filling burgers I’ve tasted. I was so satisfied after. My mouth was watering for another one! Their chips are fresh as well.  They’ve gotten their fresh potatoes form a farmer whose family has been growing potatoes for six generations!  Even in the beginning of the whole process Tom and Phil wanted it to be like homemade. And that’s exactly how it felt. – Nejilka



Unit 12, Brixton Village
London SW9 8PR
+44 (0)20 7733 7963

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