The HOMMEBOY STYLE OF Héctor Bellerín Arsenal Footballer Hottie

by Charlotte Smith

The HOMMEBOY STYLE OF Héctor Bellerín 

This last London Men’s Fashion Week was filled with footballer’s like Héctor Bellerín showing they’re off the court style. I first spotted him in his laid-back plaid outfit to the WHAT WE WEAR – TINIE TEMPAH runway show during London Menswear Week. All the girls including myself turned to this footballer hottie and this week’s  Hommeboy style icon of the week.


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How hot does he look dressed like a skater in his vans!  Hector Bellerin looked like a modernized lumberjack wearing a £1,525 Loewe’s jacket and £80 Vans trainers. Hot! Men do love their Loewe’s pieces. Hector Bellerin loves to wear the latest fashion, and rivals models like Sean O’Pry and Jordan Barrett in looks.

He plays as a right-back for English club Arsenal and the Spain national team. Bellerín started his career as an attacking winger for Barcelona.   Already a fan. 

Good win and keep building our confidence. Another big week ahead! #COYG

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His development as a successful right-back to Steve Bould upon his arrival at Arsenal in the summer of 2011. His speedy pace, skillful dribbling on the ball, and crossing ability have also helped him in creating chances for his team. On 21 November 2016, he signed a long-term contract that ties him to the club until 2022.


🏀 with @tiniegram 🙏

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Bellerín played internationally for Spain from under-16 to under-21 levels. He made his senior debut for Spain in 2016 and was chosen after such for the European Championship of that year.

Héctor Bellerín Style 

#pumaONE back to basics ⚫️🔴⚫️🔴 @pumafootball #BNGD

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He is usually sporting Puma sport for obvious reasons.  He also is a streetwear lover and I see more endorsements and collaborations in his future.  Why cause he’s handsome and such a low key cuttie. Hector Bellerin loves to wear the latest fashion.


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Football and Fashion

Modernising Johnny Rotten’s trousers with high-end trainers and a hoodie over the top of a denim cord-trim jacket could’ve been a risk. But Hector looked sleek in a Fear of God corduroy trimmed faux shearling lined denim jacket that costs £1,272 at the LFWM official party and pub lock-in.

What’s your own stance on fashion? What are some of the top brands you like? Which brands stand out in terms of what they are doing? What brands do you like to wear?

I like to kind of mix some luxury fashion with street fashion as well. I mean, that’s the good London look, I think how it is, you know? I like OFF-WHITE, I like Saint Laurent, I like brands like this and even like smaller ones from the US, like Fear of God. I like ADYN as well here in London. And with my sneakers, my partnership with PUMA and my collaboration with Filing Pieces, I just got my newest stuff with them. The stuff from ALIFE, the PUMA and the BAPE collaborations… I always tell the PUMA guys, ‘as soon as it comes out, please send it to me.’ I always like to be on top of it. You know I mean? It’s kinda cool how they help us footballers to be on that good fashion level as well.

Make sure to catch Héctor in the Premier League which is running now. Welcome to The HOMMEBOY STYLE OF Héctor Bellerín new to our list of boys to watch. You know I love football and fashion. 

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