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Comparing fashion in casino: movies vs. reality

Online casinos have made casino gambling much more accessible causing an increase in popularity. In fact, many now opt for a night out at a land based casino venue, even though there is a long-standing belief that they fill the place with oxygen to keep the players awake! Long portrayed as a rather glamorous venue, casino patrons are often depicted in movies clad in rather elegant clothing.

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However, this cinematic portrayal is actually quite different from real life.  In casino movies, women are often wearing elegant evening gowns with jewels and in some cases, fur coats draped on their arms. Men are of course dashing in tailored tuxedos as they take a gamble with lady luck. An example of this would be the James Bond film, Casino Royale.


In this depiction of a casino scene, James Bond is pictured looking like his dapper self in a tuxedo which is the standard dress for all of the males. The women in this casino scene are also in evening dresses.
While this paints a very glamorous picture that suits the movies, it definitely is not reality.


Casinos today often permit casual dress while others prefer more of a business casual look. Of course, this is a major difference than Hollywood’s interpretation. Women could wear a skirt or slacks with a top. Jeans are also permitted as long as they are tasteful and in good repair. Dressing jeans up with a sweater, blouse and/or blazer can complete the look.


Men definitely will not be wearing tuxes. They will be wearing nice slacks or jeans as well. Some men may choose to wear a sports jacket but very rarely will wear a tie.

The best way in which to know what to wear to a specific casino venue would be to contact the casino. This can be done via phone or in many situations; the casino website will spell out the dress code requirements.

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