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I travel a lot from different times zones and on top of it I have a hard time shutting my brain off because of all of my gadgets.   When fashion week comes around it only get’s worse. Here is your  Hipster Guide to Sleeping & Beauty  products: The Fashion Week Must Have items to pamper us while on the road that really do what they say they do because one thing we need is a good nights sleep.

I never want to miss something, so of course I have problems sleeping and Fashion week always means a lot of shows, parties and less sleep. I have insomnia and not at all a pill popper, so I need all the help I can get to turn off.  I prefer to use natural products to help me get a good night’s sleep. That’s why when I find a product that works I have to shout about it.  I am totally in love with thisworks and their Modern Natural Beauty Products.  The Brand puts the L in Luxury Natural beauty products and the name says it all.  For me lavender just doe not do it alone.

This Works NEW deep sleep stress less is a natural soothing rescue remedy to clear your head and calm your senses. Sleep is a growing issue in the modern world. With busy lives, increased demands on our time and rising stress levels, sleep is not always as easy as it should be. Lack of sleep both impacts on our mental condition and the way we look.  I am so tired of daily tired eyes the thisworks deep sleep collection has come to my rescue.


Everybody’s basal sleep requirement (the minimum amount of sleep needed) is different, but research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation in the US shows that adult lifestyles generally demand 7-9 hours every night. At This Works, their best advice is to put sleep on your “to-do” list and cross it off like any other activity.  I think that I so true and I have to start doing that.


When you reach that moment to unwind, you’ll feel you’ve really earned it. It’s obvious that relaxation and sleep are key beauty secrets in order to look good but also feel well – and if you don’t sleep well everything suffers. This Works deep sleep products are natural expertly blended therapeutic sleep solutions which help to harmonies the body and calm the mind, to ensure you have the sound night’s sleep you desire to look and feel fantastic by morning.

Building on the powers and success of the award-winning This Works deep sleep range, September 2012 sees the launch of four new deep sleep products – deep sleep dream cream, deep sleep night oil, deep sleep shower gel and deep sleep stress less.  For the past two weeks I have been testing the products and have to admit I have getting up later then normal jet lag and all.


This Works deep sleep stress less is a soothing rescue remedy to help you breathe more easily and calm your senses promoting a better nights’ sleep. Both men and women suffer from disturbed or disrupted sleep, This Works deep sleep stress less is the perfect natural solution to help reduce stress and improve sleep quality.




Refreshing Eucalyptus cleanses, invigorates and helps to counter physical and mental fatigue. Frankincense essential oil acts as an antiseptic to help fight infections and to help you relax physically and mentally whilst rejuvenating the skin. Lavender Oil is the most effective oil in helping hypertension, nervous tension and insomnia.




Deep sleep stress less is a multi-purpose aromatherapy blend that can be used anytime to de-stress or at nighttime to help promote a restful sleep. I also noticed it helped calm my skin down after a day at the beach.


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