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Bonjour Beauties!

I hope you are enjoying the summer! As we know, lovely summer comes along with lots of sunshine, what we love, but our skin has a different view on that. I am back from my roadtrip in southern Italy and my sensitive skin suffered a bit, because of the intensive sun. Even using SFP 50+ from Avène did not make me feel protected enough, as my skin still got a little burned.

But I was well prepared, and took some hip and magic products with me to help my skin to relax, repair and stay healthy.

I am talking about  the Healgel, yes it’s really called like that and its’ name doesn’t promise too much!

My skin absorbed it directly and I could feel that my skin felt relaxed and not irritated anymore after using the gel.

I put Healgel Intensive also on the infected big red mosquito bites (we had to fight a lot with them during our trip) and it took the itching away plus the bite was gone within a day.


What is behind all that, what is in it?

The list of ingredients is extensive and impressive.

The result is a fuss-free product which works equally for day and night, lasts long and balances the skin.

This ‘magic in a jar’ was created by 5 top plastic surgeons to shorten postoperative recovery time for their patients. It was designed to repair inflamed, post-surgery skin like burns, scars, bruising and strains.With its anti-inflammatory & healing properties it also has been found to help ease regular skin complaints like extreme dryness, eczema, rosacea, sunburn, cracked and sore lips.

It contains no parabens, colourants, petrolatum, phthalates, sodium lauryl and laureth sulphate. synthetic fragrance or xenoestrogen.

The Healgel Intensive is scientifically designed to deliver the soothing and regenerative elements of the formula to the depth of the skin where they are needed most. As well as offering immediate calming relief to troubled skin, it also acts to renew and provide increased suppleness. You can apply it daily before make-up or use it anytime as a healing rescue gel for specific skin needs.


The Healgel Face I also used is revitalising and restorative treatment for the face. In fact, it took five years to perfect the formula. This light and sweet smelling treatment is perfect for anyone concerned with the facial effects of ageing, as it gives a plumping and revitalising effect.

Omega oils help to replenish dehydrated areas and restore elasticity for a younger looking appearance.

I am impressed by this Healgel, as it has so many functions and it really helps, I highly recommend this hip and healthy product!

Convince yourself, you can buy it quick and easy online.

Love it!

xo de Paris


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