HIP & HEALTHY : Green Tea JUNKY Trend! Detox me, Slim me Baby!


Hello Green Tea JUNKIES!


Did I tell you I am an addict? Since I lived 2 years in Asia, where the green Tea philosophy  directly caught me by drinking the green Tea Frappuccino from Starbucks, I am totally on green Tea products.


Not only sweets with green Tea powder have their tenderness, no it’s even more crazy. It is super healthy for your body, it is detoxing and slimming you in the same time and is very great for your hair.

In Bangkok I startet this green Tea therapy, by drinking frappuccinos…!!  Also green tea ice cream or green tea truffle pralines….yummyyy!! This was for the sweetness!!


But also I began to drink green Tea every day, and my hair got really shiny.I thought I might have discovered the secret of the Asians by having such shiny hair, perfect skin and being slim!

Sure, they drink a lot of green tea, and put it even into KitKats white chocolate, so amazing these guys!


Tell me I’m stupid, but I’m a real addict and even wrote a letter to Starbucks and asked why they don’t bring it over to Europe. Well, for all the Parisians and Europeans, you can see how much my letter succeeded… NOT!


Anyways, to keep it going and the Kitkats and Frappuccinos off my hips…there are amazing products I discovered, for example the KouTea! This is a booster and contains 4 combinations of the most amazing teas, the powerful Green Tea, the Oolong Tea,  the Pu-erh Tea and the White Tea. BAM!



So.. for me that green Tea Stuff is totally hip… cause it’s super healthy, tastes freaking good and has side effects, which are really magical.

As I am traveling a lot, I will keep my eye open to keep you posted about all great health products, in order to keep you all totally HIP & HEALTHY! 🙂



All the best from Paris xo

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