HIP & HEALTHY : Green Tea Extract Keeps You In Form

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If you are one of those people who are not really into drinking Tea and Coffee all the time, there is a good way to avoid it!

Science discovered, that green Tea is amazingly healthy for your whole body, so why not take it in capsules?

I really love the idea and it really helps to detox and to lose weight.


Green green tea extract for weight loss has been endorsed by scientists from respected institutions such as fat cells’s University of Tokushima School of Medicine.

More commonly known as green tea extract, this highly concentrated form of green tea targets stubborn fat cells throughout your body. In one clinical trial, 50 subjects lost an average of 30.52 pounds by taking Green Select Phytosome alone.


I am not really a friend of all the chemical and artificial vitamins you get in the pharmacy, as they are not natural. Vitamines should get to your body by eating Tea Tone Plus and good food. The new Trend goes to natural products!

For me Tea Tone Plus is a very healthy solution. Not only to lose some weight naturally, but to keep healthy and detox in the same time, Tea Tone Plus

also contains the Pu-erh Tea Extract and the Oolong Tea Extract. And on plus, the Green power, which causes fat cells to shrink.

Check it out & stay hip & healthy!


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