The highlighter palette STAPLE you have to have | ABH Glow Kit

by Sabah Mansour
The highlighter palette STAPLE you have to have | ABH Glow Kit

The highlighter game is at its finest. Every brand you can think of have their staple highlighter. Just like the contour palette, the first brand to ever come up with those is Anastasia Beverly Hills. It took me a while to get this palette because I always found too expensive, when I knew some drugstore brands would sell better or equally good highlights.

But I gave in and bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette a while ago. I realized lately that I never talked about it here. So here I am. Should you get it? Yes, it’s amazing. Is it expensive? Yes, but it’s worth it.


The famous & well-loved Glow Kit by ABH

This beautiful Glow Kit palette contains four highlighters, suited for every skin tone. We have the famous Moonstone, which is gorgeous champagne color (my favorite). Then, Summer, the gold highlight that everyone should have. Then, we have Tourmaline, which is a little bit harder to wear; it’s a taupe color, absolutely beautiful as an eyeshadow. And the last one, Bronzed, which is as the name says a bronze color. You can bronze with it your entire face, but not with a heavy hand. The color is shimmery, you have to be really careful.

Overall, I think this palette is absolutely gorgeous and you can be really versatile with your looks with it. I tend to go more for Summer and Moonstone, but I also love the two others.

The Glow Kit in Sun Dipped retails for €47. The price itself can seem expensive, but if you think about it, 4 high-end highlighters for €47 is not that much. Per one, it is a drugstore price (around €11 for one).

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