Here Come the Romantics

After a busy week and weekend Londoner’s are walking around with giant smiles, after the sun’s beautiful appearance for the majority of the day on Sunday I am left feeling all warm inside!

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Hence my floaty, lovey, dovey theme today. I have always been a lover of the seventies after hounding my mum with endless questions about clothes, music, pastimes and food I have built up an idyllic image of the decade which I admittedly have fallen in love with.

Although most of the world went mad for the eighties-yes I am not going to lie, I did invest in the key features of the trend i.e. acid wash, shoulder pads, studs etc etc,- I am well and truly over it and glad to jump back on the romantic bandwagon.

Image by Tommy Ton for

Image by Tommy Ton for

Brands such as Chloe and Halston (quick congrats to Ms Parker here for her new role as Creative Director!) have always carried the flag for this trend and even more so now than ever, I was also pleased to see Tommy Ton’s lovely takes of the trend’s re-incarnation on recently! With creamy colours such as peach and dusty pink slowly creeping back in, complemented by earthy browns and emerald green’s spring/summer 2010 for me looks set full of romance and floppy hats!

Trend Report from Net-A-Porter

Trend Report from Net-A-Porter

Check out the trend at , and the Make Lemonade Vintage SHOP

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