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When you are planning on getting married, one thing that is delaying it or putting you off could be the cost. If you and your loved one want to be married, then you should be able to. You can still have an amazing day on a budget. One of the biggest causes of divorce is debt and financial worries. So you don’t want to start off your marriage in debt, just because of a wedding.


It is your wedding so you can have it how you would like to have it. Not everyone wants a traditional church wedding so explore your options to get the wedding that you want.

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  • Prioritise

This is an important one, and you should do this first. You need to decide what style of wedding that you want. Once you have done that you can arrange everything else around it. Pick and choose what you would like at your wedding too. If you aren’t a big fan of big, white wedding dresses, opt for a cheaper, perhaps second-hand version. You should also priorities what is the most important thing to you. Is having lots of floral arrangements or inviting a lot of guests important? What about a honeymoon abroad instead and have a smaller wedding? All things to think about.

  • There is so much that you can make yourself!
  • Think about your friends and their connections and talents
  • This is a big one to save you cash. Think about your close friends and what connections they have. A friend of mine had an in-law that was in the military, and they were able to use a military hall for the reception, at a tiny cost. Venues will be one of the biggest costs that you have so think about who you know that could help you get a cheaper venue.You can also ask friends to help out with other things too. Maybe one of your mom’s friends loves flower arranging and could help make your bouquet for the wedding? Do you have a friend that has a great camera and could help out taking photographs on the day? Ask around and see who can help you out. Quite often that will be their gift to you, but it’s all good if it means saving some cash.


You can make a lot of things yourself. It will take time to organize, but it will save so much money. Rope in a crafty friend to help you out and you’ll be sorted in no time. There are templates online to copy for things like menus and wedding programmes. There are even printables you can find for invitations so you could have almost free wedding invites!


You could source and make decorations yourself too. Are you handy on the sewing machine? You could get some bunting together or make chair covers and tablecloths. You could make some cute centrepieces using mason jars and chalkboard paint. They could double up as the table numbers too. But just remember, if you don’t want to have table centrepieces, you don’t need to have them.


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