Heartbeat Nail Art


StyleCartel says “Good-bye” to the month of “Love is in the air” with a very cute but easy to do-it-yourself nail art. It is the design of heartbeat when your heart goes “Ba-dum, Ba-dum” signaling that you have met the one who makes your heart skips the beat. The selected nail colors are Fiery and White Matter from FORMULA X.

Heatbeat Nail Art FormulaX

Apply two coats of FORMULA X Fiery onto every nail for the pearlescent crimson red background.

Heatbeat Nail Art FormulaX

Using FORMULA X White Matter lacquer to draw a heartbeat signal onto the nails of thumb, index, ring and pinky finger.

Heatbeat Nail Art FormulaX

Now it’s the tricky part. On the nail of the middle finger, paint a heart shape line with FORMULA X White Matter as a sign when your heart skips the beat.


Illustration by Naruemon Thavilthirakul

Written by Beauty-Editor-at-Large Supapit Saikaew

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