Thankful Thursday: A Day In Paris with The Queen Of Versailles

 A Day In Paris with The Queen Of Versailles


This Thankful Thursday I want to talk about my meeting with JACQUELINE SIEGEL, star of the award-winning “Queen of Versailles” in Paris. She and her husband aka the “Timeshare King” David Siegal set out to recreate the Palace of Versailles in Florida, where they had their life documented on film.  With reality shows like this you never know what will happen in real time.


Typical American fairy tale, beauty queens marries an established entrepreneur. The couple set out to build the largest private home in America.  Yet, money, power and respect, don’t shield you from what the universe have in store for you.  You would think that life is wonderful and beautiful until tragedy hits.  The couple learned a hard lesson about life when their daughter passed away.  

Thankful Thursday: A Day In Paris with The Queen Of Versailles

When a young woman gets her heart broken sometimes there is no way to mend a broken heart.   It was said for me to sit across from Jacqueline and the Hotel Westin, on a hot summer day and listen you her tell her story and why she started her charity.   Jackie opened up to us about her daughter’s fatal drug overdose.  Which is the reason she started her charity.  Her 18-year-old daughter Victoria’s fatal overdose, encouraged her to share her story. “there’s not a day” that she doesn’t feel like crying.”


Following Victoria’s death, the former Mrs. Florida and her husband,David, a once-billionaire and founder of Westgate Resorts, started the foundation Victoria’s Voice, which helps raise awareness about substance abuse, particularly among teens and their families.

Victoria was found dead in the family’s mansion in Windermere, Florida, on June 6, 2015, after fatally overdosing on prescription medication, and the case drew wide coverage.

“Everyone from homeless people to billionaires’ children are affected,” “It doesn’t matter what race, financial status, if someone’s addicted, no matter what, they’re going to get it — they’ll find a way, they’ll steal, they’ll prostitute themselves. And kids are so good at hiding the fact that they’re doing drugs. She wants to drive awareness that today’s youth are under attack, and parents need to see the signs before it’s too late. I could never imaging losing a child and in today’s world there are a lot of ways you can.  Her aim tis to educated people on noticing the signs before it’s too late. Knowing when you child has an issue, and tackling before it get’s to late.

It has taken her and her family a long time to start finishing the house.  The healing has made them pull back on completing the project. “We lost our inspiration. It didn’t really matter anymore. Our passion wasn’t in it,” she said. “We put a lot of money into it, but it gave us perspective. I wish I could give up the house and get my daughter back, you know? It’s a $100 million house. And I’d rather live in the house we live in now because it’s full of all of our memories.”

For me this was a simple reminder that money isn’t everything and to be thankful for everyday and every breath you share with your loved ones.




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