Haute Couture| DUNDAS D9 Show After Party at Manko Cabaret

by Charlotte Smith
Haute Couture| DUNDAS D9 Show After Party at Manko Cabaret

 Dundas, Evangelo Bousis, and Daren Dzienciol hosted the DUDAS after-party at Manko . If you have ever been to a cocktail party in Paris, I hope you love champagne. It is always flowing especially at a fashion afterparty. It was lit!

The duo went Cabaret style in celebration of the brand’s D9 collection shown earlier that day during couture week. A glittery crew of models and DUNDAS muses including Caroline Daur, Sofia Resing, Winnie Harlow, and Liliana Nova joined fashionable figures Giovanna Engelbert Battaglia and Bianca Brandolini. Guests celebrated into the early hours for a true DUNDAS world experience. 

Peter Dundas, Evangelo Bousis & Darren Dzienciol Celebrate the DUNDAS D9 Runway Collection 

Created in partnership between Peter Dundas and Evangelo Bousis, the Dundas label, a ready-to-wear line of unconventional style. It was conceived around a non-seasonal structure; instead of grouping offerings into four-runway and pre-collections themed around fashion’s traditional seasonal structure.

The Dundas collection will be released strategically and succinctly, in carefully-timed drops to coincide with the demands of clientele. Avoiding the traditional spring/summer, fall/winter fashion axis, the collection can speak to a truly global consumer – it is modern, reflecting both the demands of the globalization of the fashion industry.

Celebrate the DUNDAS D9 Runway Collection 

The key importance of travel in the contemporary luxury lifestyle. The Dundas collection partners with key retailers, such as Bergdorf Goodman, to offer capsule collections, as well as retailing direct online.

Every collection carries the unmistakable mark of designer Peter Dundas – embellishment, luxury, sensuality and love for women. Truly Dundas 

Where it Went Down

Now, let’s dance and rave the Dundas way.

WHERE: Manko Cabaret, 15 Avenue Montaigne, Paris 

SOCIAL: @dundasworld #peterdundas #dundasworld 

WHO: Guests included notables from the worlds of art, fashion, and culture such as: 

1. Adam Waldmann 2. Barbara Strum 3. Bianca Brandolini 4. Carlotta Rubaltelli 5. Caroline Daur 6. Caroline Vreeland 7. Ellen von Unwerth 8. Evangelo Bousis 9. Giovanna Engelbert Battaglia 10. Liliana Nova 11. Mohammed Al Turki 12. Peter Dundas 13. Siran Manoukian 14. Sofia Resing 15. Tamara Kalinic 16. Valery Kaufman 17. Winnie Harlow 

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