Alternatives to Harsh Chemicals in Beauty Products

by Charlotte Smith
Alternatives to Harsh Chemicals in Beauty Products

Harsh Chemicals in Beauty Products

The average person uses several skincare and beauty products in an average day: facewashes, hair shampoos and conditioners, soaps, shower gels, and more. But what people who use the most common types of beauty products don’t realize is that most of the ones on the market contain extremely harsh chemicals that can actually hurt your skin more than anything else. The chemicals hiding in our beauty products are actually a lot more difficult and confusing than it might seem, as they are even lurking in products that are supposed to be completely clean and organic. If you are looking for products that do not contain chemicals, discover MIG Soap & Body Co. The great skincare creations at MIG are handcrafted without chemicals so you can have nothing but the best for your skin. 

Below is a list of some of the harsh chemicals that are most commonly found in beauty products, and some safer alternatives to look for instead.

Parabens, alcohol, ethanol, and ethyl alcohol

Parabens are in almost every beauty product that you come across such as shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and even facial make-up like foundation. Putting on products containing parabens can actually affect the body’s hormone levels over a long period of time. In fact, some countries have even banned the use of putting any parabens in their products. Alcohol such as ethyl alcohol and ethanol are also often used in beauty products because it claims to give skin a light, clean feeling. However, these chemicals dry out the skin and make it even more sensitive.

Instead of using products with these chemicals, look instead for natural preservatives that are in products that contain berries, essential oils, and even bark. These are better served for skin that is sensitive and promotes natural health on the skin.

Sodium Sulphate

SLS, sodium lauryl sulfate, is a synthetic chemical that causes things like shampoos, bubble bath soaps, dish soaps, and toothpaste to start foaming or bubbling up. This chemical is well-known for causing the skin to get irritated more easily. The small molecules that make up SLS are small enough to get through the skin’s barrier and go into the bloodstream. This can cause even more irritation and is hard to get rid of. Instead of using SLS, look for products that contain sodium coco sulfate which is made from coconut and corn. When combined with a natural product called yucca, you can make a nice bubbly lather that does not cause the skin to get irritated.


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Products like liquid soap, shampoos, almost all deodorants, toothpaste, mouthwashes, many cleaning products, and hand sanitizers contain a harsh chemical known as Triclosan. Scientists believe that using products with Triclosan in them can actually cause your body to build up a resistance in being able to kill off bad bacteria. Instead of keeping you healthy like it is supposed too, it could actually be causing you to get sick more frequently. Instead of using Triclosan, you can look for organic products that have Manuka, Tea Tree, and Myrrh as they are natural agents found in plants that can control bad bacteria.

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Synthetic Smells

They are found in all of your favorite perfumes and lotions, but synthetic fragrances don’t do much good other than making you smell nice for a small period of time. These fragrances are found in most beauty products and they can cause normal skin and already sensitive skin to have mild to serious reactions. In fact, many of these products have a label that says “Parfum,” but under that one word is up to 2,000 different chemicals that make the product smell a certain way. Instead of causing extra sensitivity to the skin by using synthetic fragrances, you can go to a wonderful natural source that can actually benefit your skin. Essential oils contain natural smells that smell amazing and can give your moods, your health, and your skin the healthy boost it has been needing.


This is a chemical that is most often found in beauty products like mascara and nail polishes because it allows the products to remain flexible. However, this chemical can actually disrupt your normal hormone balance and can cause issues with your central nervous system! A natural ingredient that you can use instead would be beeswax. Beeswax is an all natural, organic compound that can be used in mascaras and nail polishes to keep them water resistant and flexible. You can have all the glamour without giving up your health.

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