Halloween Nail Art


  1. Apply ONLY FINGERS + TOES CC Base (£ 14.) onto every nail as a base coat. This color correcting base coat helps enhance discolored nail from natural aging and previous color bleeding.B2
  2. For the thumb, middle finger, and pinky, paint ONLY FINGERS + TOES Luxe Noire (£ 16.) in Black onto the nails.B3
  3. For index and ring fingers, use orange nail polish of ONLY FINGERS + TOES Bittersweet (£ 16.)
  4. Decorate each nail by painting spooky eyes in the opposite color. If the background is black, use spooky orange eyes and vice versa.B4
  5. Top coat the nails with fast drying ONLY FINGERS + TOES DASH (£ 14.) which protects your nail polish with a last long shiny barrier.


Illustration by Naruemon Thavilthirakul

Written by Beauty-Editor-at-Large Supapit Saikaew



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