Beauty | (Not so new) Hair Trend Alert | Pink Hair don’t care

by Sabah Mansour
Beauty | (Not so new) Hair Trend Alert | Pink Hair don’t care

We live in a world of constant change, whether it is in a professional area or beauty world. It is sometimes overwhelming for a beauty editor like myself to keep track of every trend that appears in our lives. Today, I wanted to mention the pink hair because it is a trend that I really like. It is a trend that I wish I could try out. Pastel colors have been trendy for a while, especially on nails. But now, it is emerging in the hair trend world.

You can see people rocking the light pink hair everywhere. If you live in Paris or New York City, you probably consider it normal because you see it often. If you see it on celebrities, you probably wonder if it would look the same on yourself.

The best advice I can give you on that is to find a good hairstylist, preferably someone who is used to work with bold colors. Try out a small piece of hair on your neck to see how your hair will react and if the color is what you are looking for.

Whether it is on the entire hair or just at the ends, I know I already love it. Check out the photos below of celebrities and influencers for inspiration. Will you go pink?

Sara Bishop Photography

Jenny Strebe
I really love this one! The pink is really subtle and too overwhelming for the eyes. I am not crazy about the gray undertone though, but the light pink color is on point.

Mr Kate
As soon as I saw her with this color, I was smitten. I was surprised that I loved it so much because I really dig her blonde hair. Perfect for short hair don’t you think?

When it comes to hair and makeup, Chrisspy is a chameleon. She likes to play with things, and it is hard to put her in one box. She wears wigs most of the time, and the ones I really like are the pink one and the blue one, absolutely stunning on her.

Julianne Hough
I feel like being blonde really helps with the light pink color, don’t you think? Julianne Hough rocks it! And again, on short hair, it is absolute perfection.

Bella Thorne
Let’s finish on a bolder tone. Bella went full on with the pink on her hair. I like it, but her very long hair takes away the beauty of this raw pink. She should go shorter for a maximum effect.

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