Hair How-to: Summer Beach Waves at Heritage Hair NYC

Summer’s a coming (well as soon as these cold and rainy days decide what they want to do with themselves) those I’ve-been-on-the-beach-all-day-can’t-you-tell hairstyles will be creeping into our lives soon enough. So to prepare you for what may be the most inconsistent summer yet, we had celebrity hairstylist and owner of Heritage Hair NYC, Melinda Bouldin, give us the deets on making those Beach Waves last all season.

For definition plus volume: “I love Texture Wave [by Shu Umeura] to create detail and volume. This beach spray allows you to have touchable hair without the crunch. Spray this magical texturizing spray 8-10 inches from dry hair. While spraying, tousle it into your hair with your fingers.”

For straight, fine, or oily problems: “Shu Uemura’s Art of Hair Volume Marker works wonders on straight and fine hair, and takes perfectly to oily roots, and it’s small enough to fit in your purse. This will help maintain a sexy volume that will last all day long despite the humid beach weather.”


How-to: Section off your hair in five sections. Back, front, and two separate sides. Make sure to keep your top and crown area sectioned off for last.

Start by grabbing a section on the side with the flat iron, holding the flat iron vertically, and grabbing the piece of hair a few inches down from the top of your scalp.

Curl the hair by twisting it back away from your face. (Start the twisting motion with your wrist facing toward you, turning the flat iron clockwise.)  Continue twisting the iron while moving it down diagonally and away from your face. You can use both hands to keep twisting it until you approach about an inch and a half from the end of your hair; then release the clamp, leaving the tips of your hair untouched. [Note: It’s important to steadily move it downward so not to create dents in the hair. Continue this throughout the head. ]

You can make the curls more subtle and less defined by taking the flat iron and gently clamping parts of the wave in steady soft “tap and release” motions going downward.

Once finished, flip your head upside down and spray Texture Waves throughout. Flip hair back up and continue to spray.

Why a flat iron? Using a flat iron will save time as you don’t need to hold the barrel in one place, since it’s moves down throughout your hair in one simple twisting motion.

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