GUCCI MEN’S PRE-FALL 2017 Lookbook Images

We are on the heels of Mens’ Fashion week around the global. So feast your eyes on the GUCCI MEN’S PRE-FALL 2017 First Looks.  Elton John has already been spotted wearing a few items.  With his gal pal Lady Gaga around town.

GUCCI MEN'S PRE-FALL 2017 Lookbook

The Luxury Italian house that is Gucci is growing up and changing with the times. They have been able to embrace the old with the new.  Mixing classic silhouettes from the house and adapt to way millennials want to dress, as well as millennials wannabes.  I like to call them the Kidults.  The generation of over 40’s who refuse to grow up and dress their age.

GUCCI MEN'S PRE-FALL 2017 Lookbook

The collection is a clash between skater boy/girl and a rugged adventure guy who likes to party. Certain pieces are suitable for the club kid too.


GUCCI MEN'S PRE-FALL 2017 Lookbook

Why should dress like an adult when you can wear Gucci, like back in the day of early hip hop and skate scenes in New York. Mixed in with a little Harlem New York swag.

The Garments are a bit Dandi and a little Pimp if you ask me.  As if you had to go to the country club from time to time. Now everybody has a pair of the Gucci mules, but they are not going anywhere, so there is still time to cop a pair.


Shot on location:

Antica Libreria Cascianelli

Antica Spezieria di Santa Maria della Scala

Biblioteca Angelica

Photographed by Derek Ridgers for Gucco

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