Goya Black Rose Fragrance of The Month –The Fabulous Fifties  Are Back

Fragrance Friday- Goya Black Rose

This month my goal was to find a fragrance that smelled like roses.  That is why our fragrance of the month is Goya Black Rose.  The last session with my medium she asked me to think of a scent that reminded me of love.  We walked through an imaginary garden visualizing a place filled with tranquility and love.

After she gave me a few tasks and one of them find a perfume with the scent of roses.  I was supposed to wear this fragrance until those dreams come to reality.  My personal test for a great fragrance has to have a flower element, my skin loves flowers and flower oils are good for you spirit.  They make you feel happy.   The other test is if someone smells you and tells you how good you smell.  We are going vintage with this nostalgic fragrance.

The Spray Love Goya Black Rose

Exquisitely Romantic Floral Notes


Bergamot, Clove, Green Stems.


Rose, Geranium, Rose Damas.


Jasmine, Salicylate, Musk

This fragrance begins with a sparkling citrus green accord contrasted by the irreverent clove. The heart of the composition reveals a fresh and feminine floral bouquet enhanced by a comfortable dry down of white flowers, solar notes and the sensuality of a velvety musk.

The pin-up look is back in fashion and in perfumes one the chicest era in history.  The 1950’s saw a change in the way in which women made their style choices. The economic boom meant women had more freedom and money.  The post-war prosperity propelled sexy silhouettes, Dior-esque full skirts, and bouffant hairstyles that suited most women regardless of your type of hair.  The era united women and started feminism. 


Fragrance of The Month – Goya Black Rose

We get inspiration from the glamorous icons, Dorothy Dandridge, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor to know that the 1950’s was an iconic decade steeped in charm, allure, and seductiveness- a time of transformation! These ladies taught us how to lure a man and lose a man and a little perfume always helped. 

Along with the accessibility to fashion also came a curiosity for the finer things in life, and beauty was and still is, big business. Fragrance, in particular, has the ability to conjure fond memories, to create a sense of nostalgia and timelessness.

Fragrance of The Month – Goya Black Rose

Perhaps Christian Dior says it best “Of the women in my childhood, I retain above all the memory of their perfumes, perfumes that lingered – filling the lift with fragrance long after they had gone.”

Fragrance of The Month – Goya Black Rose

With my task done I feel a found a timeless elegant fragrance to wear every day.   That allows me to bring mature sexy back with charm, allure, and seductiveness!  Check back next month to see how this perfume and destiny pans out for me. Now let the perfume do it’s work when I head out.

Available to purchase //RRP £49.99, 100ml


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