Skincare by Alana Good Vibes and Good Skincare?

by Charlotte Smith

Skincare by Alana

We had the pleasure to talk with the proud owner of Skincare by Alana. To get information about good vibes, skin care and crystals. Have you ever felt a certain “vibe” from someone you just met? You’re not alone – it’s a pretty common belief that everything in the universe has its own unique energy.   This is why crystals, gems, and stones have become so popular – they’re said to emit positive “vibrations,” improve mood, and support wellness and healing.  You may have seen them being used as a decorative piece or accent in a home or office for these reasons.

Why People Are Using Crystals, Gems, and Stones in Their Routine

Skincare by Alana Good Vibes and Good Skincare?

The wellness trends we’re seeing a lot of lately have brought ancient practices like this one back into the public spotlight. Beads from the Paleolithic period and amulets from the end of the last ice age have been found during archaeological digs. Ancient Egyptians also used these in medicine, rituals, and religious practices. But now, there’s a new twist: crystals, gems, and stones are being used in skincare products for their various benefits!

In fact, some skin care brands were created specifically to feature them in formulas.  They can be ground-up powders, dispersed throughout the formula, or submerged with oils.

Here’s how it reportedly works: the human body is made of minerals as are crystals, stones, and gems. The minerals can balance weak skin cells and target common skin issues like redness and signs of ageing.

If you’ve done microdermabrasion before, you’ve already experienced the benefits of crystals and gems in skincare, however. The machine uses fine crystals or a diamond tip to gently exfoliate the skin to reveal a smoother complexion. Keep on reading to find out some of the most commonly used ones in skincare!

Skincare by Alana Good Vibes and Good Skincare?


There are two kinds: rose and clear.  Rose quartz is probably the best-known crystal for use in skincare.  (Plus, its colour is very on-trend at the moment!)  It’s referred to as “the stone of love” and is said to increase happiness.  Rose is reported to increase skin’s smoothness by helping with fine lines, wrinkles, and redness.

It’s even being used in acne- and eczema-fighting formulas.  Clear quartz increases the energy and the effectiveness of other crystals around it. For this reason, it’s referred to as “the master healer.”


This cool green stone (literally – it’s cool in temperature!) is known for its brightening and soothing effects.  Jade rolling is particularly popular – the device sort of looks like a mini paint roller. This practice began in Ancient China for its ability to balance “chi,” your body’s energetic life force.

This form of self-facial massage is said to eliminate tension, encourage blood flow, de-puff, and help your other skincare products penetrate more deeply.  The de-puffing action helps to temporarily reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is good for undereye treatment. Users recommend it as part of a morning skincare routine!  Jade reportedly has highly protective, calming, and nurturing properties.


This stone is said to have energetic and electrical properties that stimulate the skin to increase collagen production. It’s often used in massage and anti-aging formulas because it revitalizes skin for a youthful appearance. The stones heat up as they are rubbed into the skin due to the positive and negative charges. The result is firmer skin, an increase in circulation, and elimination of water retention.


This is often considered “the crystal of transformation.” It’s touted for its ability to cleanse energy, heal, and bring about positive change.  Malachite is also said to transform your skin, too. When used in anti-aging formulas it can draw out impurities and firm skin. It works as an antioxidant and can help the skin heal after sun exposure.


I’m sure you’re already familiar with this one! Ruby is associated with love, compassion, and forgiveness.   Because it diffuses light, it’s used in skincare formulas to smooth and brighten skin tone by blurring imperfections and hyperpigmentation.  It’s also touted for its ability to encourage the production of new, healthy skin cells and restore hydration.


Final Thoughts

The reported benefits of crystals, gems, and stones are anecdotal. There isn’t much scientific research that supports these claims. One study even concluded that crystals just delivered a placebo effect.

If you’re intrigued by the spiritual benefits of crystals, gems, or stones but are hesitant to use them in your skincare, experts recommend using them as touchstones to remain grounded.  This is as easy as wearing one around your neck or holding it in your hand to help you make decisions at the moment.

If you’re not sure which crystal, gem, or stone would work best for you, you can do a reading with an to help you find out!  You can also follow your instincts and select one that you’re naturally drawn to.  Hippie fad or good skincare and good vibes? The decision is yours and for you to find out!  


Alana Mitchell has been working in the beauty industry her whole life! She is the proud owner of Skincare by Alana and a licensed esthetician. Alana is honoured to host product lines that are truly good for the skin, such as Rhonda Allison, Image Skincare, Eminence Organics, and 100% Pure. She does not believe in products that have not been thoroughly tested and researched! Alana also created her very own results-driven line, Alana Mitchell skincare, which has been her labour of love! She also frequently shares organic skin care tips on her skincare blog.

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