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Alice McCALL, established in 2004 has seen numerous commercial success. It has been on sale on famous e-commerce sites including Moda Operandi, asos. The London-born Australian designer has been applauded for the brand signature girlish charm and playful femininity. Her professional career as a stylist for celebrities has given her a set-off for her eponymous line.

Although with background of Australia and Great Britain, Alice McCALL sparkles in an American way. In the latest resort collection, Italian glamour has been brought to light. Alice McCALL girls can be many things. They can be free in pastel colors. They can bloom in nocturne. They are unforgettable. The ‘BON BON’ resort collection is designed for the closet of night life markers and clubbers.

‘BON BON’ 2018 Resort

A plethora of textures of this collection excite senses. Tinsel brocades, shirred lamés, cobweb lace, flocked tulles. This mode of escape from mundanity of daily life is hued in romantic air with pastels of apricot, shell, porcelain, lemon, rose and ocean blue. The brand has been bolder than ever, and at the same time, been closer to luxury than ever.

Combing elements from 1940s and 1980s cuts out this collection in an eclectic approach. 1940s glamour washed out surplus and flattered more on women’s body. 1980s went intimacy with pop culture. Motifs from two different times shapes up the silhouettes in either practical romance or in rock femininity.  To be Alice girl is to be refreshingly seductive. But don’t forget, the allure of girly elegance is what the brand always holds.

Every girl or woman can find one face of themselves in Alice McCALL. In a more private sense, some kind of crave. Young girls expect maturity. Sophisticated women seek for vibrant innocence. It all comes naturally and beautifully. Perhaps this is why Alice McCALL has enchanted customers across continents. If you read the names personalizing the garments of this collection, you would agree with us. You’re The One Top; I Am Yours Dress; Dream Big Crop; She Moves Me Dress; Ring My Bell Top……

Image Credits: The Out Crowd

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