How To Go Second-Hand Shopping

Spring is creeping in on us. It is finally time to start finding those hidden gems that will make you the best-looking guy on the street. Second-hand stores are a great place to do exactly that. There are a lot of benefits to go second-hand shopping. One of them is that you might find items that you wouldn’t be able to find in your typical store.

This is where you find that special piece that people will notice and compliment when you wear it. An important thing to keep in mind is the quality of the items. You might find a jacket that cost just as much as a new jacket in the store. However, the quality is probably higher than the jacket you find in the store for the same price. If you’re able to find a higher-end designer item it is likely to be of higher quality.

To me, the number one rule is that you should never buy an item if you must talk yourself into it. If you don’t love the item at the market, you might not use it as often as you tell yourself. You are less likely to like it more once you’ve bought it and brought it home.

If you find an item that you love that doesn’t have the right fit, there is a solution. A tailor might be able shorten the cuffs, or take in the waist so it doesn’t look puffy. But make sure you try on the clothes; a tailor can’t make a whole new jacket for you. Make sure it’s only small adjustments.

Another important thing to remember is to check the item for holes or other quality problems. Make sure you hold the item up to the light to better spot if the fabric has become too thin or delicate. Also, make sure to check the armpits, as they might be stained or basically smell. Make sure you check if all the buttons are present. You don’t want to find a blazer or jacket that doesn’t have all the buttons. This is something that is easy to forget. This also goes for zippers, make sure the zipper works.

Another idea is to plan what you are looking for before you go to the store or market. There are numerous pieces of clothing there, and to find something special you should know what you’re looking for. There is a reason why the number one thing to do when you are looking for something you lost is to say the name of that item. Your brain ignores the other items and searches for that one thing. It is the same when finding a good piece of clothing when shopping. You can of course have more than one thing, but make sure you know what you are looking for.

Pictures: Simay Demirel

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