Givenchy Le Soin Noir & Blanc Masque

by Gosia Krajewski

BEAUTY WEDNESDAY – Givenchy Le Soin Noir & Blanc Masque

Influenced by the cradle of holistic Asian rituals aimed at harmonising body and mind, Givenchy found inspiration for this new skincare creation. More precisely, the beauty of an extraordinary secular art that combines concentration, meditation and relaxation. The Art was Calligraphy.

Givenchy infuses Le Soin Noir & Blanc Masque with the spirit of calligraphy, in the fusion of two textures – black and white – united in a single inkpot, to be applied on the skin with a brush. A gesture of absolute grace. A mesmerizing motion that, beyond the pleasure it provides, allows the formulas to work with optimum effectiveness.

A dual formula for renewal that’s twice as phenomenal

In an accumulation of effectiveness, Le Soin Noir & Blanc Masque combines two leading-edge formulas with complementary properties to restore cellular balance to the skin.

Black concentrate for exceptional regeneration

The Supreme Alliance of Life Algae is the star active ingredient in Le Soin Noir and is at the heart of this formulation capable of optimising the skin’s revitalisation cycle. A perfect fusion of black and golden algae sap, it helps to preserve essential energy.

All the cellular energy flows are reactivated by the effects of this precious complex. The skin is suffused with energy, its metabolism seems reactivated and cells appear to regain their full powers. Traces of aging gradually fade away.

White concentrate for instant brightening

The white concentrate’s key active ingredient is the Supreme Extract of Luminescent Algae derived from an age-old blue micro-algae selected for its incredible gift of luminescence.
This rare active ingredient stimulates the skin’s defence mechanisms against UV rays, allowing its brightening properties to promote the reduction of visible signs of aging.

An Application that offers fulfilment at your fingertips…

Drawing inspiration from Kobido, a Japanese massage technique focused on rebalancing the skin’s energy, Givenchy developed a new application method for Le Soin Noir & Blanc Masque – the massaging action stimulates key points in the face, boosting the flow of energy in the skin and releasing its everyday tension.

Thanks to this gesture inspired by calligraphic art, it takes only five minutes for the facial features to relax and the complexion to brighten, so the face appears rejuvenated and a sense of serenity appears to permeate the spirit.

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